Contemporary Art Museum Zehntscheuer Balingen

Land far from home

9.04. to 11.07.2021
Museum Zehntscheuer Balingen

The exhibited works relate to each other in terms of content and are juxtaposed, within a spatio-temporal visual axis. To historical works from the First as well as from the Second World War, current portraits and portraits from recent years, a current drawing with oil shale rock and slate, a part from the work suitcase bombs/The Legacy will be on view. The sound work reloaded was heard in 2014 in the exhibition Underground on 100 years of the First World War. Two other main works are installations with material. The video film But don’t Vanish from 2018 deals with the elemental force of nature, with the elements of water and wind, and with man. Complementing this is the sculpture entitled Meteorite created. Another important work is the work The dignity of man, …, which forms the spatial and thematic start to the exhibition. Complementary are canvas works with earth and rock pigments, which were created in recent years.

Photo credits: Ulrike Reichart

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