Contemporary Art Barbara Karsch-Chaieb in Gallery Zeichnen auf Musik Bach, Graphit auf Papier Slide16_Ocker_an_Baum_ephemeral_Prozess_Naturkunst

“I am interested in time, the apparent elongation and restlessness of time, the intensity and extension of a moment in its ephemerality.“

In the material archive of the earth infinite time is manifested, which is found in the oil shale rock (Posidonienschiefer) and in earth and rock pigments. I have been working with these substances for many years and use them to make drawings, as well as works on paper and canvas. In the exhibition space, in addition to these abstract works, experimental videos can be seen, besides, mostly drawings on the floor with earth and rock. Installations and sculptural works form a link between the individual works arranged in the exhibition space.

Praesentare, 2019
Object. Stones, plaster castings, drawing


Land Art, Erde, Gestein, Vier Elemente, Ephemeral Art


Zeitgenössische Kunst, Museum, Galerie


Zeit, Geschichte, Erinnerung, Anthropozaen, Ausstellungen


Zeichnen auf Musik, Zeitlos Buecher


Land Art Workshop, Ausstellungskonzeption


Land Art, Ephemeral Art, Erde, Gestein, vier Elemente