Contemporary Art Barbara Karsch

For many years I have been working artistically with oil shale, the Posidonienschiefer from the foothills of the Swabian Alb. In Bad Boll, the stone is quarried, crushed and grinded up into a fine pigment to be used as a healing mud in the spa. I am fascinated by the gray color, the texture of the material and the time that in the rock is existing. Oil shale is approximately 200 to 180 million years of geological history, visible time, inscribed in the layers of rock. Man has intervened in this geological history. He has become one of the most important influencing factors on earth and is shaping a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene¹. In my works I deal with this. More information in the Handout. To the website of the Natural History Museum in Reutlingen.

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