BRASILIEN Current Festival Stuttgart

TICKET SALES >BRASILIEN< As part of the Festival’s Current – Art and Urban Space, which begins in Stuttgart in September (9 to 19 September), Stuttgart’s main railway station has been provided with the illuminated sign BRASILIEN by the Begleitbüro SOUP (Stuttgarter Observatorium Urbaner Phänomene). Accompanying this, a ticket counter and information office with the destination BRASILIEN has been set up in the project space Ostend. We cordially invite you to visit. The opening at Projektraum Ostend is on Monday, 06 September at 19:00.

Brasilien was the code name for a mock-up of the city of Stuttgart that was erected in an open field near the town Lauffen am Neckar, during World War II. Its purpose was to deceive bombers approaching at night, and worked, as many bombs were dropped far away from the city. The artists’ group Begleitbüro SOUP draws a connection from the mock-up as a dummy to the model city Brasília, which was realized as a modern utopia in the middle of the jungle. Its structural decay as well as social tensions raise questions today about model and reality. The luminous lettering BRASILIEN on the roof of Stuttgart’s main train station forms an aesthetic dial-in node to reflect on the connection between modeling and urban planning.

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