Video with water

The focus of the workshop is on increasing sensory awareness in dealing with nature and the elements, seeing closely and observing processes. Small works created in the landscape return to the natural cycle after the workshop. The four elements fire-water-earth-air are worked with in the workshop in a variety of ways. In our daily hike through the landscape surrounding the Esslingen Art Academy, we collect earth to make our own color. We make a fire and then draw with the charcoal and ashes. With the flow of the water and the movements of the wind, further exciting experiments are created.
Drawings, as well as experiences and thoughts can be recorded in the sketchbook, as well as photographically.
Please register under the course number in the Kunstakademie Esslingen
Kurs: PA1-2022-Ka. 4 days – Tuesday June 7 to Friday June 10, 2022, 10 am to 5 pm each day in Esslingen.

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