From Fibers and Mutants

Invitation to the opening on May 12, 2022 on 7:30 pm in the Gedok-Gallery Stuttgart with an introduction of Vivien Sigmund.
In their preoccupation with natural materials: paper, wood, pigment, water, earth and stone, the two artists address a tension that arises through contrasts in form and content. Silke Schwab shows mostly black and white paper cuts, woodcuts, drawings and collages, while Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb installs an expansive sculpture made of bamboo, sisal, paper and pigment. They invite the visitors to follow the fine fibres and stable building materials from the microcosm of our safe and closed world into the macrocosm of uncertainty and emptiness, but also opening and change.For the opening we offer edible earths by Masharu from the Museum of Edible Earth, Netherlands.
On Saturday, 21 May, a lecture by Kirsten Seydelmann (V4V Zukunft durch Verantwortung gGmbH) entitled “Knowledge, Values, World, Change” will take place at 4 pm. Registration is requested at the e-mail address
The exhibition is on view from May 13 to June 3, 2022.

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