Contemporary Art Barbara Karsch-Chaieb

Land fern der Heimat (Land far from home), planned opening on April 8, 2021.
The exhibition entitled Land fern der Heimat will show works by Stuttgart-based artist Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb, which deal primarily with the themes of home, memory and time. The artist has been working for many years with earth and rock pigments from all over the world. Humans has a long time intervened in the archive of the earth’s history in order to extract resources and write his own history from them. The past of the oil shale rock from the foothills of the Swabian Alb is the theme of the exhibition, as is the view of humans. Works on canvas and paper, installation objects and interventions in space, a sound work and a video film will be viewed.
The exhibition will take place from April 9 to June 6 at the Museum Zehntscheuer Balingen, Neue Straße 59, 72336 Balingen.
Above: the forgotten, the unknown, 2013, Photo Credits: Ulrike Reichart

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