Skulpture material of the archives, Contemporary Art Barbara Karsch-Chaieb Kunst

5lfm / Room on a shelf, 2017

Skulpture in showcase, 1000 x 20 cm

Photo Summer Autumn Days, Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart
The view of the Hauptstaatsarchiv (Main state Archives) emphasises the aspect of the specific location. On the one hand, the construction of the building is explored. How is the process of its creation documented and archived? Which information can be found, which aspects were taken into consideration, which handwritten notes and photographs can be found? The artist has looked at the old records (file number F.II33), 5 running metres* of the Main State Archives, the new building plans, formal applications and permits, correspondence, as well as very practical things such as fire and fire protection, the furnishings, the organisation of the holdings and the inauguration ceremony in 1969. Almost 300 documents were handled and, consisting of a ribbon over 10 metres long, bundled into a ball, which is arranged in a display case specific to the archive. Precise information appears as details and questionable segments that can only be read by chance; they come together to form a single sculptural work.
Curator of the exhibition: Bettina Michel, art historian

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