Installation with Japanese paper webs, London

To go with the flow, 2019

Installation, watercolour on Japanese paper

The Installation has developed from a drawing. Grey, black and white lines, applied to rolls of Japanese paper, create an apparent chaos of lines and supposed (dis)order. The water, with which the watercolour is mixed comes from a river, the Thames in London. There is the Installation currently on view in the exhibition Contemplations at Stables Gallery, London-Twickenham. The striking lines, drawn strictly with a ruler, are associated with lines drawn exclusively with water, they overlap and break the system. These water-line-interventions, like flow of water in general, build an almost invisible something that leaves traces in the form of subtle changes in the paper. The arrangement of the four paper webs is done in a way that might remind of flowing movements, a meandering stream. The play with the title, which is an expression, and as much as “swimming with the current” means, hints out to numerous properties of water and man. Water flows, water is alive, water crosses borders.

Flexible Installation, four sheets, each 40 cm wide, different lengths

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