Land Art earth and rock pigments in contemporary art

Four seasons, for A.G., extended 2016/ 2017

Different Earth and stonepigments on canvas (from Gundelfingen, Switzerland, France, Italy, South Africa, Cambodia)

Exhibition NATURWERK Erde Wasser (earth water), Museum Anton Geiselhart, Münsingen-Gundelfingen, 1. Mai until 30. August 2017

Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb traces Anton Geiselhart’s life with the collected earths. The earths of the Lautertal, rather ocher and brown, are lined up with the gray and violet slates of Switzerland, ocher from France or the Terra di Siena of Italy. These are countries that Anton Geiselhart has traveled to, where he has lived and worked and, above all, painted. Depending on the soil, the organic pigments do not dissolve in color, but stand out porously from the substrate. Reactions with the oxygen in the air, effects of the seasons and the traces of paint application left by hand are a deliberate process. Thus, over the seasons, the first works emerge.

Excerpt from the opening speech by Sabine Lang, curator and director of the Anton Geiselhart Museum Foundation, Münsingen-Gundelfingen

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