Ausstellung Exhibition Lines Gedok Galerie Stuttgart

LINES – Messages from the New World

28.3. until 5.04.2019
Gedok-Gallery Stuttgart

Independently of each other, Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb and Beate Rygiert (author) were in the same place to work artistically. Both were artists-in-residence at the I-Park Foundation in East Haddam (Ct., USA). Beate in 2009, Barbara almost 10 years later, in 2018. Both were assigned the so-called Pond Studio, located in the middle of the forest on the shore of a pond. What connects the works created there by the two artists is the line. Without knowing about it, numerous works based on lines on paper were created, which, despite all their differences, nevertheless refer in a fascinating way to the common place of origin.

“Paper and canvas are exposed, waiting…. Until nature answers me what to do!” Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb

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