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Reloaded in the exhibition Underground

1.05. bis 3.10.2014
Ligne Maginot, Schoenenbourg, Elsass

Reloaded, flexible installation, 2014
Objects, prints, Dia-projection, Textfragments, Audiocollage, 15:00 Min.

Excerpt of the catalogue to Barbara Karsch-Chaïebs installation Reloaded in the exhibition Underground from Frank-Thorsten Moll (Art historian, Director IKOB Museum, Eupen, BEL)

Reloaded integrates objects, projections and sound installations into the existing architecture of a World War I bunker complex.The time that has passed since the construction of the bunker complex until today has inscribed itself in the rooms in different ways. Karsch-Chaïeb’s achievement is to have transformed the original function of the now, fortunately, functionless architecture, whose raison d’être today derives solely from its memorial function, into something new. But what exactly is this new? And how does the artist manage to transform an architecture of meaning that has been irretrievably cast in meter-thick concrete into something completely different through subtle interventions? To better understand Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb’s achievement, one must first examine the site and its history more closely.
The whole text unter the link (Publication reloaded):

Photo Credits: Lutz Sternstein

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