Erde Gestein Natur Kunst Land Art


10.03. until 2.04.2018
Kulturschiene Herrliberg, CH

Painterly gray on natural fiber: the melancholic pull of the mountain landscapes shows layers of material, but is photography. With the power of color and density, the opposite installation creates distance for its own vabanque game with the event of nature. Only the natural material resists these opposing illusion machines: detached and reapplied in layers, nature itself embodies its concrete form here. The exhibition “Schichten” (Layers) presents three idiosyncratic artistic positions whose common denominator is the physical and intellectual confrontation with nature. The groups of works by Hannes Hübner, Nina Weber and Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb draw their artistic material directly from the mountain landscape: as experience, as motif, as material.

Excerpt from the opening speech by Tanja Trampe, curator of the exhibition

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