Zukunft der Erinnerung (Future of memorier

13.11.2017 until 23.02.2018
Hauptstaatsarchiv (Main State Archive) Stuttgart

5lfm / Space on shelf, sculpture in vitrine, 1000 x 20 cm, Arrangement flexible and Feather light, a biography (Dolores Wintersberger-Wyss),
Mixed media, installation with print and photographs on pedestal, 2 x 3m, 2017

Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb is interested in the history of people and places that can be expressed in memory, the traces and legacies that point to the existence of human beings. For several years she has been researching in archives, whose historical-documentary source material is transformed into her artistic work. The view of the main state archive emphasizes the aspect of the specific place.
The artist has dealt with the old registry (file number F.II33), 5 running meters* of the Hauptstaatsarchiv (Main State Archive), with the new building plans, formal applications and permits, the correspondence, as well as very practical things such as fire and fire protection, the furniture, the organization of the inventory and the inauguration ceremony in 1969. Nearly 300 documents were processed and, consisting of a tape over 10 meters long, bundled into a ball, which is arranged in a showcase specific to the archive. Precise information appears as details and questionable segments that can only be read by chance, they come together to form a single sculptural work…

Excerpt from the opening speech by Bettina Michel, curator of the exhibition

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