Contemporary art, material, Intervention marble, coal

Untitled, 2020

Intervention with marble pigment, coal, Travertine stone

In the cellar of Galerie Wiedmann, an intervention with three materials was created within the exhibition ZEIT – GESCHAUT GERIEBEN GESCHICHTET (Time – looked, rubbed, layered): marble pigment from Italy, applied in a rectangle on an area of 180 x 100 cm, an accumulation of egg charcoal, arranged in a circle, and travertine stone, roughly crushed, embedded in the unevenness of the floor in two places. Marble pigment from Italy as an alien material, white and pure, contrasted with the black charcoal that used to give warmth and energy to the rooms in the house. Travertine stone was quarried in Bad Cannstatt until 2007, and remnants of the stone used for the subtle intervention in the clay floor can still be found in the vicinity of the former quarry in Bad Cannstatt.
Photo credits: Ulrike Reichart

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