Archiv and drawing with earth

Exhibition in the Kulturbunker Stuttgart-West.
Drawing with earth-pigments, archiv, photographs, sound.
Opening on November 15 at 7:30 pm, 2023 in the Kulturbunker,
introduction through Peter Schmidt.
Duration November 16 to 29. Finissage on November 29 at 7:30 pm.

The exhibition not only remember to memories and stories that have to do with the „Diakonissen“-bunker.

The place itself becomes a kind of memory, history and story space. Materials collected by the artist will be shown as an own archive. Archive boxes, specially made for the exhibition in the bunker, will be used to store photographs, documents and notes that the artist has collected over the years. Much of it is from archives that Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb has researched herself. Some photographs are taken out of the boxes and are hanging on the wall. The archive can be visited by personal appointment, archive boxes are opened to look at the contents and talk about them. There is a voice to hear, when you are in the archive. Marta Schmid is the only contemporary witness (so far) talking about her work as a children’s nurse during the Second World War (from the motherhouse archive, Evangelische Diakonissenanstalt Stuttgart).
In another exhibition room, a further sound installation intertwines with a drawing on the floor with earth pigments. Two voices (Ina Karsch, musician & Palina Vereti, opera singer) alternate and read texts – one about the history of the Cahokia in Illinois (USA), in between short informative texts on topics related to earth and nature. The drawing with earth connects places and people of the world.
Earth – a repository of cultural and geological history. Earth, which provides us with substances and materials for our lives. Earth, the basis of human nutrition and our climate.
A white flag points to the dignity of mankind without judging current events – it is intended to stimulate reflection and bring people into conversation.

The archive is an open archive and is constantly growing.
New stories and earth pigments will permanently being added, the floor drawing is expanded in other places with other earth pigments, also the sound installations.

Visit by appointment by phone: 0151-40385402.
Rosenbergstraße 23, Stuttgart,

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