Since the end of July I am staying in Stuttgart’s twin city, St. Louis, MO, USA on an exchange scholarship. I started with small interventions with earth in the Forest Park, a wonderful place to stay and work with Land Art. Drawings complement the works created by the water and the trees. The earth, which is applied as a line on a stone, is from Kirchberg/Jagst, where I will be exhibiting from mid-September in the Orangerie, Raum für Pflanzen. Another project is a research on a relative who emigrated to St. Louis at the end of the 19th century. Through this research, more interesting information about the history of immigration to America is emerging. Some of these works will be on view in an exhibition in the Kultur-Bunker in Stuttgart from mid-November.
Line on stone (earth, Kirchberg/Jagst), Forest Park 2023, Photo Credits: Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb
With thanks to the City of Stuttgart, Paul Artspace and Kranzberg Arts Foundation for the studio!

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