Orangerie, Space for Plants

A warm invitation to the opening of the exhibition abtragen; auftragen; wegtragen on Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 11 a.m. in the Orangerie im Hofgarten in Kirchberg an der Jagst.
Arranged in lines and applied in layers, a drawing emerges that spreads throughout the room. Similarly, the earth materials taken from different places combine to form an overall picture. Visitors become part of the work, the earth sticks to their shoes, it is carried around, redistributed, taken out. The work dissolves, traces remain. Abtragen; auftragen; wegtragen was shown for the first time in Stuttgart in 2015 as a room-sized drawing at Ebene0. I am happy to rearrange the drawing in the Orangerie with soils from Kirchberg and from all over the world. In addition, since July 2023, soils on canvases and tree trunks are on view in the courtyard garden, they are exposed to the elements.
With many thanks to Inge Krause and Claudia Thorban (Orangerie – Raum für Pflanzen) for their generous support! Guided tours always on Sundays from 4-5 p.m. Exhibition runs until 1 November 2023. For more information and directions, please visit the website.
Photocredits: Caro Krebietke, July 17,  2023

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