Naturkunst mit Gestein Land Art zeitgenössische Kunst

NaturForte, 2019

Paper strips, Oil shale on linen, 70 x 70 x 7 each cm

On the left are strips of paper with traces of printer’s ink wrapped around a wooden frame with oil shale application. On the right frame, oil shale rock is applied with linseed oil on linen.
… Soil, minerals or rock types have – apart from in Land Art – hardly gotten any attention in contemporary art. Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb prefers to be inspired by natural materials, naturally occurring hidden below the ground, partially over millions of years old existing “soil and rock layers”. So she gains colour pigments from the petrified substance of shale and coal, …
Excerpt from the catalogue text by Corinna Steimel (Director Städtische Galerie Böblingen), catalogue Zwischenzeitlich, 2016

Photo Credits Ulrike Reichart

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