Land Art Spuren von Orten, flüchtig

Traces from places, 2012/ 2017, 2012/ 2019

Substances on linen, 112 x 48 cm each

I started the project Traces from places (stizis da lös) in 2012. Substances from earth, bark, rock, mineral springs, water and others that are found in nature are collected over a period of time in different places, put on paper or linen. Linen fabric buried in rocks, in the earth or between pieces of bark. Some are attached to trees over a period of time (linen with earth application) and exposed to the weather.

Canvas left: 5 months on tree with soil from Mariaberg, 2012. Drinking hall Büvetta on rocks in water. 12 hours, 4 days exposed to the wind, rock with mineral spring, 12 hours. Val Sinestra, 2 hours in mineral spring (arsenic, iron), Fundaziun Nairs (CH), 2017.
Canvas right: 5 months on tree with soil from Mariaberg, 2012. 3 weeks on tree trunk with lime application. 5 days in rock (Grisons slate). Traces of mineral spring Clossas, Fundaziun Nairs (CH), 2017. From 12.09. 2018 on tree at Pond Studio in the I-Park Foundation (Ct., USA) with three different coloured earths. Applied in several layers and hung on the tree. Taken down on 27 September 2018.

Photo Credits Ulrike Reichart

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