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The exhibition Land Far from Home can be seen at the Museum Zehntscheuer in Balingen from 9 April 2021. Vivien Sigmund, art historian from Stuttgart about the work The Forgotten, the Unknown that will be shown in the exhibition:A group of people, when buying tickets, three children in Sunday clothes of the last century, one which might be the great-grandmother of the artist, but you can not know this, and a young woman in a coat, dress and hat that seems to be smiling gently. These are “The Forgotten Ones, the Unknowns,” as the title of the work says, whose nameless portraits survived in private photo albums and in the archive of the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen. The text, which is stuck to the back of the photos, “Greetings from Central Park” illustrates the longing that connects these photographs: Vergissmeinnicht (Forget-me-not). The light installed in the image flashes like a living heartbeat, but the faces are almost ghostly transcendent through the transformation process of artistic material processing. Life, it seems, does not even survive in photographs, but its volatile consistency receives at least a face.
Photo Credits: Ulrike Reichart

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Land fern der Heimat (Land far away from home). Exhibition view

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