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Time spans

The catalogue summarises three exhibitions:
The solo exhibition Out of time – art from the Materialarchiv of the Lias epsilon at the Museum of Natural History in Reutlingen with a text by Dr Günter Wahlefeld, the group exhibition Up into the mountains! at the Kunstbezirk, Gustav-Siegle-Haus in Stuttgart and the solo exhibition Land far from home in the Museum Zehntscheuer in Balingen. Published by Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb, German/English, 60 pages, ISBN 978-3-00-073437-3.
With embossed foil print on the cover.
The catalogue can be purchased from Studio 104a for 29.-€.
With the kind support of
Graphic company A. Conzelmann, Bisingen
Kontur KV Stuttgart, e.V.

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